How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Router
How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Router

How to Choose the Best Long Range Wireless Router

If you own large homes and you frequently use your router to connect several devices that are quite far away from each other then you definitely want to have a router that has a long wireless range of 1000 feet. If you only want to be able to connect your laptop to the internet through the wireless connection at your home then you need one with Wi-Fi coverage which is at least 10 feet. Having such an extended Wi-Fi signal will ensure that not only your home network, but also that of your office, and another establishment in the vicinity will be able to access the internet through your wireless router. With such a signal the entire area in which you want to connect to your network will be able to receive your internet signals.

So why exactly is a wireless router so essential? It ensures that all those who use the internet in your home or office are able to access the internet wirelessly without any hindrance. This is possible because all the computers in the room will share the same network and their wireless router provides them internet service by broadcasting a radio signal. But in order for this to happen, there are certain things that must be in place, and the best long-range wireless router has to be compatible with the windows server, as well as the operating system that you are currently using.

The wireless router works on the principle of SSID (stand-alone device), where each device connects to the network through its unique SSID. This allows the internet traffic to be divided into different streams. Each stream will then get routed to the nearest available device. The best long-range wireless router, therefore, has to have a feature that makes it possible for all the computers that are connected to the same network to get connected to one another without causing any wastage of bandwidth. The problem usually occurs when one computer uses more bandwidth than the other.

There are three common types of wireless routers that are used for the purpose of allowing multiple computers to connect to the same network. These include single-band wireless routers, two-band wireless routers and tri-band wireless routers. The single band wireless routers can provide a maximum speed of 4GH for a distance of ten meters. But the two band wireless routers can provide a maximum speed of 12GH for a distance of thirty meters.

On the other hand, the tri-band routers can cover a greater distance than the single-band routers. This type of router is often installed in more places because it is cheaper than the former. However, it has a major drawback of only providing a maximum of two wireless connections at a time. On the other hand, dual-band routers can provide a maximum of four wireless connections at a time. They also offer a wide coverage area. Hence, it is suitable for use on multiple computers at a time.

Before you buy any kind of wireless router, you should consider your internet service provider. Most of the providers of internet service provide wireless routers for free. In addition, they may offer additional services such as installation, software and various kinds of maintenance services for free. If you subscribe to an internet service provider that offers free routers, you can easily install them and connect your computers. Nevertheless, if you subscribe to an internet service provider that charges fees, you can easily install the router within your office without having to pay any charges.

If you want to have a wireless router that provides a high-speed internet connection, you should get a device that offers good signal strength and coverage. In order to determine the signal strength, you should check the analogue radio frequencies in the network. Usually, the signals are stronger if there are trees around the area where the wireless router will be set up. On the other hand, if you do not have trees nearby, you can also use high-speed signal boosters. The boosters enhance the signal strength so you will easily get a high-speed internet connection.

One of the best features of these long ranges of wi-fi routers is that they can connect to a larger range of computers than conventional wireless routers. They are specially designed to work well in large organizations. Aside from this feature, most of the long ranges devices also feature various kinds of security measures such as WPA2 Enterprise level security. With this kind of security protection, your personal information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers, PayPal account information and so forth are protected from unauthorized access. In this manner, you can ensure that your device will never become vulnerable to security breaches.

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