More Evidence that Green Tea Blocks Fat Absorption
More Evidence that Green Tea Blocks Fat Absorption

More Evidence that Green Tea Blocks Fat Absorption

In recent years, green tea has gained a lot of attention for its health benefits. Many studies have been conducted that have shown various ways that green tea helps keep you healthy. Among these findings include evidence that green tea helps lower cholesterol, reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer, and helps you lose weight.

In the beginning, it was thought that green tea’s effect on weight loss was due to its ability to speed up the metabolism, and much of this ability was thought to be due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine.

However, many recent studies have suggested that green tea’s ability to speed up the metabolism is not due to its caffeine content alone. In some studies, subjects were fed the caffeine equivalent of green tea, but did not show the same weight loss results as subjects who were actually fed the green tea, suggesting that green tea contains something more than caffeine that affects weight loss.

More recent research suggests, however, that speeding up the metabolism is not the only way that green tea helps you lose weight. Other studies have suggested that green tea may also increase your ability to burn body fat and that it may also block the absorption of dietary fat. benefits of drinking japanese green tea This means that less of the fat you consume in your food may end up in fat on your body.

This is important news. If green tea can block the absorption of dietary fat, it may have tremendous weight loss potential. There is already one prescription diet drug on the market that blocks fat absorption, and it has helped many patients lose weight. However, this drug has significant side effects, and is not recommended for long term use.

While blocking the absorption of the fat in your diet is not the total weight loss answer, it could be a great help. To sustain long term weight loss, it’s important to make changes in your dietary habits, not just rely on a weight loss supplement to reduce your fat absorption. However, when such substances are used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan, they can make losing weight and keeping it off significantly easier.

One important study on this subject was reported by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, and evaluated the absorption of dietary fat through the gastrointestinal tract and through the pancreas, and how this absorption is affected by the anti-oxidants in green tea.

The study examined how fat absorption in the stomach and pancreas was affected when green tea extract was included with the dietary fat. The study was conducted in vitro, meaning that the activity was observed in the lab rather than on human or animal subjects.
The study concluded that fat absorption was inhibited by about 60mg when green tea extract was used. This is an amount that would be considered significant to human diet.* Though this study was conducted in vitro, researchers concluded that the results would be likely to be the same in humans.

Overweight and obesity are fast becoming our nation’s number one health concern. Today, nearly 60% of us are overweight, with more than 30% of us considered obese. This means that our country has a lot of weight to lose, and that we need all the help we can get. Being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer. So, our lives literally depend upon getting our waistlines under control.

And, that’s what’s so great about green tea. While drinking green tea is no substitute for eating sensibly and exercising, it is the perfect adjunct to these important habits. That’s because green tea has been shown to reduce your risk of precisely many of the diseases that obesity contributes to, and it helps you lose weight in the process.

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