The Mauritius Hotels Along the East Cost Are Being Transformed
The Mauritius Hotels Along the East Cost Are Being Transformed

The Mauritius Hotels Along the East Cost Are Being Transformed

For the residents living along the eastern coast of Mauritius, it is nearly a dream which has been realized. As from the month of May, with the opening of the new shopping complex, the Nosaic, those residents can now shop beyond midnight and over seven days a week. The shopping complex with the possibility to host initially 66 shops is now the only complex on the island to open over 24 hours a day.

H&G Development Ltd, the newest property developer of the island has successfully projected a 400 covers food court equipped with a giant three meters screen podium. With these facilities, much has been provided to transmit live diffusion of the world cup FIFA 2010. Many Automatic Teller Machines have been installed for various principal banks of the island. So, no one can complain about their withdrawal of cash. Near the ATMS, surveillance cameras are also installed. The infrastructure can also be considered as exceptional for there are two spacious car parks with the facility to simultaneously park hundred vehicles on each car park including a VIP lounge.

Here at Belle Mare in the East, we have 24 prestigious hotels along the coast, so our clients are mainly the high class tourists, but also the local residents can come to shop overnight. residential architects essex The shopping complex, without any doubt, will upgrade the eastern coast of the island. Various activities, including exhibitions and concerts are already planned here. The conception of this Nosaic complex in the east is definitely unique and original and the architect of the plan can be considered having an ingenious creativity.

Once this shopping complex is the first to be operative over 24 hours a day and over 7 days a week including public holidays, other complexes of the island will follow its example. The security of the site is also up to the least requirement. A patrol of guards mounting on horses will insure that people will be able to peacefully circulate from here and there, whether at night or during the day. One of the shop owners in the complex has already expressed her optimism that she will not really face fierce competition in her trade for Nosaic will bring her more customers.

The creation of Nosaic will accordingly generate about 300 direct employments. Belle Mare, the eastern coast of the island develops rapidly and the young people of that region can not complain of a jobless problem. The village of Belle Mare is being transformed slowly and surely into a high class seaside resort to satisfy the needs of tourists and the inhabitants of the east.

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